With the Eiffel Tower as a frame, the Flowers Gallery, a genuine praise to nature and art, settled in Paris 16th, 7 Place de Mexico. This unique place is a flower workshop where all needed ingredients mingle to allow the birth of creativity…

Born from the association of a young art collector and a passionate of floral design, the Flowers Gallery stands out as the new place for art exhibition in an exclusive and exceptional setting. With Pascal Mutel as Designer and Art Director, florist for 20 years and creator of the "Floral Design" concept, the Flowers Gallery proposes a high end quality product and breathtaking floral constructions.

Floral art is born of two virtues: expertise and creativity. Flowers are finely selected to create a perfect harmony and a fine balance when the bouquets are made. They are assembled and associated as to marry the singular subtleties of each. Bouquets that emanate from this assembly of fragrances entwine aesthetic and respect of the flowers nature.

Florists evolve graciously in a spaced surrounding with the most contemporary design. Directly exposed to the ecstatic curiosity of all people passing by, astonished by the hard work realised on the other side of the glass wall where artists work with passion on the elaboration of their floral pieces of arts, as if they were living in a laboratory where nothing is hidden.

Each piece, made with a special technique, a perfect combination of magic colours, textures and magic show forms in a metal and wood-made pure space, allowing flowers and green products to grow smoothly like a case presenting a jewel. The flowers, chosen carefully, are subject to an astonishingly creative work for producing original, fine and innovative pieces.

Flowers Gallery's craftsmen manipulate, add, subtract and mix all the flowers in order to propose a composition perfectly fitting the client's desires and requirements..

The Flowers Gallery also proposes floral art lessons in its basement workshop, a perfect occasion to share a convivial and flowered moment for families or between friends to finally leave the place with one's own piece of floral art.

This unique florist offers an authentic atmosphere, a lifestyle. You will also find there numerous objects such as exceptional Limoges fluorescent porcelain vases, tank-shaped vases, vintage pins and several design accessories found in London and always closely linked to the floral theme. Dressed this way, the gallery becomes as enthralling for the sight as it is for the smell.