Floral design by Pascal Mutel

After having purchased in September 2005 Christian Tortu's shop in Paris Rive Gauche, Pascal Mutel managed to create a new taste for floral creation. In a few numbers of years, he became a famous reference in creating bouquets and other floral decorations and this is through a perfectly natural move that he kept on developing what Christian Tortu initiated. He reinvents floral design and considers the content and the containing as of equal importance.

Pascal Mutel and his team propose contemporary and premium floral compositions. They invite all bouquet's admirers to discover a new language for flowers where colours, textures and forms mix together to create brand new floral objects. True trend-setter, Pascal Mutel, wishes to "be inspired by design to infuse dynamism in a job that lost its specificities in order to make each second an "happy-few" moment, a moment of renewed magic."